Call Forwarding from your Yealink Phone

This feature is available on all Yealink phones.  When activated an anti-clockwise arrow will appear at the top of your phone display.

To Setup Call Forwarding;
1. Press Menu when the phone is idle, and then select Call Features > Call Forward.

2. Select the desired forward type:
  (a). Always – Incoming calls will be forwarded unconditionally.
  (b). Busy – Incoming calls will be forwarded when the phone is busy.
  (c). No Answer – Incoming calls are forwarded when phone is not answered after a present number of seconds (13 Seconds). If you choose this option you will be prompted to enter the ring time to wait before the call is forwarded.
3. Select enable/disable.
4. Now press the down arrow to enter the phone number you wish to forward calls to.
5. Press 'Save' to accept changes.  (Lift and hangup the receiver to quickly backout of the menu options)

To enable/disable Call Forwarding;
Please follow the steps above to enable/disable you call forwarding feature.  A shortcut softkey to enable/disable the call forwarding can be setup on most models.  To get this softkey setup, just call our offices on 01 619 0619 or email

Yealink T46G users can quickly enable/disable call forwarding by pressing their Transfer button once.

Please Note: Outbound Forwarded Calls will be charged at standard VoIP rates.

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